I have never compared myself so much as what I did when I developed severe cystic acne...

Comparing yourself to others is a thing that I believe we have all done at some stage in our lives, some more so than others.

“Oo look at her hair, I wish I had hair like that?”

“Her skin is flawless, my isn’t”

“Those clothes look incredible on her, I couldn’t pull them off”

I have always been one to compare myself, whether this be through looks, financial situations or just in general life. But, I have never compared myself so much as what I did when I developed severe cystic acne at the age of 28.

I was at that age where I no longer compared myself to others, no longer compared what stage I was during my life journey, to what the life of my friends or colleagues looked like. Well, so I thought anyway.

Developing Cystic Acne was a blow, an experience I thought I had managed to avoid in my teens, but turns out I was going to face it in my late 20s. During the first half of my journey I was continuously comparing my skin and my looks to others, whether this was in the real world or the faces I saw on social media. My confidence and self worth took one massive plunge. I couldn’t believe what this confident girl in her 20s had turned into, I was no longer confident and bubbly I had become a shell of my old self.

Leaving the house became what felt like a chore, hours spent looking in the mirror comparing myself, comparing my appearance, trying to mentally prepare myself to leave for work, or visit friends or family.

Until one day I looked in the mirror and said enough was enough.

The realisation hit me that I was the only person overly observing my skin and that the reality was that no one, not one single person looked at me any differently because of my skin. The day I decided to stop caring, was the day I become my old self.

If you really think about it? What are we comparing ourselves with? An image that we are made to believe is real on social media? Which in actual fact isn’t real at all? A photograph that has numerous filters and photoshop on it?.

I turned away from the celebrity influencers, the people I always compared myself too…and turned to what we should be looking at…real people, real lives and real stories.

Remember everyone has their own battles, everyone is at different stages in their lives and we are all unique in our own right - there is really no comparison necessary.

Embrace yourself, as you are beautiful every single inch of you.

Amy x

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