Comparison chips away at our self-worth, self-esteem, self-image and leaves us as a shell...

Comparison is a thief, a thug, an asbo-esque emotion and it needs to be locked up hun. It thinks it's a tough guy, rolling round our heads, stealing our joy and our love for ourselves. 

Comparison chips away at our self-worth, self-esteem, self-image and leaves us as a shell. The difficulty is, how on earth do you begin to strip it back and learn to love yourself? 

Don’t get me wrong, comparison is a natural behaviour but for some people it can become obsessive... like me… I’m some people. My name is Beth and I have spent years of my life comparing myself to people I thought were better than me, prettier than me. 

With the pressures of social media and just the world in general, I often found myself scrolling through content, longing to be ‘skinny like her’, ‘pretty like her’ and it wasn’t until recent years I started to just want to be happy as me.

Look, it’s nice to look nice and fine to take inspiration from others, but when it comes to you wishing you were someone else it's an issue. I was very low at one point, suffering from anxiety and depression and I managed to take the proactive decision to . 

What does this mean? Well essentially, I went through who I was following and asked myself what I get out of following those people. If I followed them, purely for how they looked/dressed, I unfollowed. I decided to make my feed a place where I could go and feel happy, see artwork, cute dogs and inspiring people.

I then decided to work on loving myself, for who I am. I invested in self-care planners, journals and affirmation cards, just to kick start my day and align myself with positive energy. I also found solace in the skin positivity community and created a dedicated account to learn, share and get inspired. If you had told me this time last year, I’d be posing pictures of my bare skin, spots on full display, I would’ve laughed and told you to bugger off, haha. But here we are, learning to love each day.

I’m not going to lie, with all this negative self-talk and learnt behaviour I’d subjected myself to over the years, trying to love myself is probably one of the hardest habits to change. And I’m still on a journey, but I realise now, happiness means more to me than how I look. 

Give yourself a fighting chance to love yourself and consider what you consume online, make it a happy place for you, not just a breeding ground for negative comparison. 

You got this gal x

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