Everyone’s journey in life is different & there is no set time limit on success...

Hi my name is Charlotte I’m 20 from Worcestershire. 

I have struggled for years with comparing myself to others. Leaving my teens and hitting 20 was really hard for me, I kept thinking of all the people I know who are my age - they’ve left home, moved away and have almost finished uni. Meanwhile I still live at home, unemployed and have barely scraped through my GCSE’s. I couldn’t help but feel like what I was doing with my life wasn’t good enough. 

It’s important to remember that everyone’s journey in life is different and there is no set time limit on success. Everyone has different ideas of what success is - for some it’s having a big shot career and others it’s simply having enough money to get by. 

The people who I have been envying could be struggling themselves, there’s no way of knowing what’s going on in someone else’s life. All we can do is focus on our own journeys and do what makes us happy, not what we feel like we “should” be doing.

Because of my poor health my journey through education hasn’t been the same as most people I know but that’s okay! If I want to continue my education that’s up to me when and if I decide to do so.

I’ve just completed a year at college part time and have met some really awesome people who have to decided to return to education later in life because it wasn’t the right path for them when they were younger. Seeing those people happy with their choices has encouraged me to not be so hard on myself. Besides, there are lots of people I have met who have gone to university to study when they were young and have regretted it/ended up doing something completely different career wise than what they chose to study. 

Your life is your own story - stop comparing it to other people’s. 

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