I believe everyone should have therapy at least once in their life, there is so much benefit...

It’s always okay to ask for help. 

Though nowadays I speak about mental health and discuss it with friends as well as on Instagram, it wasn’t always the case. I’m Fani, I’m a freelance journalist and I mostly write about beauty, lifestyle and wellness and mental health when I can. I don’t exactly remember when I realised the importance of mental health but I remember being in a mentally challenging (verging on toxic) relationship when I announced to my mum “I need to find a therapist”. It wasn’t anything in particular but I realised i had enough with feeling low. 

I’ve got (mostly manageable) anxiety and have suffered with depression in the past. If your considering therapy let me just say there’s nothing wrong with that!! On the contract I believe everyone should have therapy at least once in their life, there is so much benefit in that. It might be because I studied Psychology that I hold this belief! It helps you find the root of the problem and for me it did just that. 

It took some trial and error and meeting with a couple therapists before finding ‘The One’. A couple of tips would be:

- You need to feel comfortable discussing everything. 

- if it’s the first time meeting them, take it slow, you don’t have to dip dive right away 

- they shouldn’t necessarily feel like a friend, but maybe like an auntie you’re close with? 

- keep notes of things you want to discuss when you think of them, there’s nothing worse than having your session and not knowing what to discuss 

- if you don’t feel comfortable discussing something don't!

- don’t be worried about crying, believe me it feels good 

Whatever you do don’t be afraid to consider it because of silly stigmas that “you’re crazy if you need therapy” (yes I’ve been told that!!) the answer is there’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself. It’s been the best investment in self improvement you’ll make!  Fani

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