I have spend YEARS comparing myself, changing myself & really just dulling myself down to fit in...

Would you compare a watermelon with a strawberry even though they are both delicious & beautifully unique to one another? No? Then why do we compare ourselves with one another. Every single person has their own purpose in this lifetime, imagine if every food we ate tasted the same, boring right?

I am Scarlett (Larly for short) & believe me when I say I have spend YEARS comparing myself, changing myself & really just dulling myself down to fit in with a ‘social norm’ & let me tell you the only thing that happened is I became a former shell of the person I was meant to be.

I spent years getting boyfriends & comparing myself to their ex’s (crazy I know, but I did it) I would even find myself choosing clothes I thought I should wear, dresses that he would want me to wear, lost weight to feel ‘sexier’ & hairstyles THEY liked. Along with this came a constant dragging feeling in the pit of my stomach, i felt a constant resistance to life, I didn't know who I was anymore & I certainly didn't recognise the girl staring back at me

I felt empty, completely soulless and I had absolutely nothing to give because I didn’t even know who was. My anxiety was through the roof, I felt revolted with my reflection even though I was pounding the treadmill every day, weighed less then I ever had & was eating very very little. All because I was comparing myself with someone I thought I needed to be.

Fast forward a good few years, although I am still learning every day, I am authentically me. I have ditched the baggage of boyfriends that expect you to be a certain way to look good on their arm, when they themselves don't even know how to use a washing machine. I am wearing clothes I feel good in & not what I think I should wear to be ‘accepted’. Imagine if I was still that girl, trying desperately to be accepted by people that really added no value to my life.

The right people for you will stay & the ones that leave were never meant for you. Learn from your lessons. Trust the process & always be authentically you. I believe in you, believe in yourself too. There is magic in every single one of us.

BIG LOVE always, Larly x

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