BTS on the new GIRL BOSS Posi-Cards Launch

The new GIRL BOSS Posi-Cards have now launched and I wanted to take you behind the scenes on why I choose to base the first positivity postcards of 2021 on women empowerment, inspiring those girl boss' out there.

For the newbies here, Posi-Cards are positivity postcards each containing positive quotes, positive affirmations and encouraging words. Supporting and raising mental health awareness. Each series of Posi-Cards relates to a different mental health struggle. Previous series have been focused on anxiety, body positivity, emotions, the pressures of success and more.

You can display your Posi-Cards as a piece of art work - I have mine on my vision board! Or you can send a Posi-Card in a Care Package to a bestie, or even pass onto a stranger - you never know how much some positive words can relate to people and change their perspective on their day, or even life.


About Series 7 - GIRL BOSS Posi-Cards

This series is focused on supporting busy gals with lots on their plate - the Girl Boss, the Female Hustler, the Women Entrepreneur. The positive quotes & affirmations on these Posi-Cards are all about encouragement & practicing women empowerment.

I connect with other small businesses and amazing women doing bits in life through SHOWUP. I understand being a small business owner myself how hard it can be. 
It can be a difficult & lonely place when you're striving to achieve great things and sometimes a spark of positivity can turn a difficult day into a better day. That's exactly why I wanted to create a collection of Posi-Cards that spoke to all these incredible women.

The Posi-Cards

#1 -  AFFIRM : I am capable of amazing things.
Women empowerment positivity quote art postcard
Have you ever tried looking in the mirror and repeating a positive affirmation over and over again? You need to! Keep saying it until you believe it. I'm sure you'll have a beautiful day once you've done this.
#2 - You are going to make it. Trust me.
Girl Boss Positivity Quote Postcard Posi-Card
Ever feel like you're working so hard but not getting anywhere? You will get there. Trust in the process and keep doing what you're doing, you will make it. This Posi-Card was designed to suit lovely on a vision board.
#3 - Get ready to level up. Mentally. Emotionally. Financially. Spiritually. Energetically. - It's all coming.
Women Empowerment Positivity Quote
Now is your time to shine. You're levelling up in life in all areas and you need to be reminded of that - it's all coming. I love this one to send onto another girl boss pal to remind them that you're their biggest cheerleader.
# 4 - You are a confident, capable woman who pursues her own dreams & ambitions. You are not afraid to achieve everything you desire in life.
Female Entrepreneur Positivity Quote Posi-Card
I wanted to incorporate the female stature into the Posi-Cards without any defining features. All women, with different features from one another are beautiful. The quote is another encouraging positive one to remind the girl boss that having dreams and ambitions is so admirable.
#5 - & suddenly she realised & shouted so the whole world could hear 'I've stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel & I'm lighting that bitch up myself!
Girl Boss Card
Cue a little bit of rude words. Sometimes swearing just ingrains what you're trying to say so much better haha! For all those women waiting for amazing things to happen by relying on someone else, who now realises she can 100% do this amazing things herself without anyone else!
#6 - If you had it all figured out today there would be nothing to learn tomorrow. Enjoy being a work in progress.
Small business owner Posi-Card
The quote on this one is my favourite because it resonates so much with me. A lot of the time we are always chasing the next thing, beating ourselves up for what we don't yet know, but not taking time to appreciate how far we have come.
I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes and why I created the GIRL BOSS Posi-Cards and the reasons for the accompanying quotes.
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All my love,

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