Random Acts of Kindness Day

A day dedicated to kindness - 17th February 2021.

SHOWUP's whole purpose is to spread a little more kindness & positivity into the world through accessories & Posi-Cards. We have created a Posi-Card with the best be kind quote. It reminds you to be kind to others but also be kind to yourself.

Send a kindness Posi-Card or any other Posi-Card, with FREE delivery until Sunday 21st February 2021 with code BEKIND

Top 5 kindness ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day 2021:

1. Comment something positive on someone's social media account

So often social media can be seen as a negative place, so let's make it a positive one! See an inspiring photo or enjoy that persons content? Let them know!

2. Tell someone you love you appreciate them

Just by acknowledging someone & the positivity they bring to your life could really make their day. We know ourselves how much we love & appreciate our friends & family, but maybe we don't tell them enough. Make today that day.

3. Smile at a stranger

Flex those cheek muscles & smile at a random passer by. When people see happiness it immediately makes them happy.

4. Help someone less fortunate than you

This can really be anything!

5. Send a SHOWUP Care Package

The number of messages & shares on social media we get from customers who've sent a Care Package is heart warming. Remember, you can personalise any Care Package for FREE with a message handwritten by SHOWUP.


We hope this has inspired you to be more kind. Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day x

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