150 gifts donated to the young & homeless this Christmas! WOW!

WOW I am so unbelievably proud that we achieved such a kind gesture together at SHOWUP. The thought that a young homeless person who may otherwise not have had anything, has now got a gift to open this Christmas, is just the best thought ever!

Hey, it's Sophie here, the founder of SHOWUP. I rarely write blogs myself on here, I leave that to the amazing women sharing their stories with mental health... However I really felt the need to broadcast to the world wide web how proud I am of all of you and for what SHOWUP did yesterday.

From 26th November to 9th December I pledged that for every gift bought by you, I would match it and donate another gift to a young homeless person.

Yesterday I packaged up a total of 150 items; 60 accessories & 90 Posi-Cards were sent to Centrepoint who support the young & homeless, so they have a gift to open this Christmas. A selection of earrings, rings & necklaces were donated as well as 3 different Posi-Cards all chosen with positive words that I believed would be most relevant and touching to someone who is young & homeless.

Founder of SHOWUP Sophie with all of the donated Centre Point gifts


Why did I want to do this?

It makes me so sad thinking that Christmas is a depressing time for some people, when it's such a happy time for me. I am so lucky to have a loving family, a safe home & the luxury of presents to open at Christmas (this year I’m spending it with my parents, one of my brothers, his fiance and my two gorgeous nieces - Molly (3) and Alice (18 months). What will you be doing this Christmas? Comment below I’d love to hear!) SHOWUP started always with the aim to spread kindness and help people feel a little more positivity in their life. Knowing that there are 110,000 young people in the UK homeless or at risk of being homeless, I felt like it was my duty to at least try & do something kind for them.

SHOWUP Posi-Cards Donated to Centre Point

How was this possible?

One thing that’s certain is I cannot take full responsibility because this was only possible because of YOU! You could have shopped elsewhere for your gifts, gosh there's so many places you could have gone, but you chose to shop at SHOWUP. By choosing a SHOWUP gift you also chose to give a gift to someone less fortunate. I cannot say thank you enough. I just hope you realise how big, that small decision of shopping with SHOWUP really was.

Centre Point SHOWUP Gift Box packaged ready to be sent by founder Sophie

Unfortunately this initiative is now closed as Centre Point needed the gifts by 11th December due to the logistical mission to organise distribution of gifts before Christmas is! However as always, 10% of the profits from all orders will still be going to Mind Charity, so choosing to purchase your gifts from SHOWUP will still be giving to an amazing cause.

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Watch the XMAS highlight on SHOWUP’s insta stories to see more - @showupx

Also follow Centre Point on instagram - @centrepointuk
Centre Point are sending me photos this Monday/Tuesday of them packing goody bags which I can’t wait to see and will share with all of you also!

Thank you so much again for your support, you’re all amazing!!

Sophie x

 If you are worried about a young person or at risk yourself then please call 0808 800 0661 or chat online at www.centrepoint.org.uk 


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