Hey, Hi, Hello :) thank you for making the effort to click on this page to find out how and why SHOWUP started. You’re exactly the type of customers we love to have in this community.

My name is Sophie and I launched SHOWUP in October 2019. In the complicated, sometimes scary world we live in, I wanted to make it easier to spread as much love to one another, and ourselves as possible. I wanted to remind people to be themselves, and to unapologetically, happily and confidently SHOWUP as themselves.

The catalyst of this idea stemmed from my time living in Australia. Whilst I was there my best friend had told me she was struggling with her mental health and taking anti-depressants. All I wanted to do was fly home and give her a kiss and a cuddle and try to make her the happy best friend I’d always known.

I unfortunately couldn’t do this.

I started to think ‘what I could do that was out of the blue, thoughtful, showed her I deeply cared about her and would almost certainly shift her mindset to a more positive one?’ I’ve always believed that the simplicity of kind words can have a profound positive impact on someone. So, I found a nice postcard and hand wrote a positive and uplifting message, aiming to evoke happiness, love and gratitude towards her for being on this earth and letting me be her best friend.

This positive postcard idea stuck with me, and so I created the ‘Posi-Card’ - a postcard sized piece of art with a positive quote, positive affirmation or word of encouragement displayed in a beautifully simplistic way.

Wanting to touch as many people’s lives in a positive way, I decided that I’d pair the Posi-Card with something that we as women can feel so empowered by - fashion accessories. They are a fabulous way to express who you are, and all SHOWUP accessories are designed to act as a happiness trigger and a conversation starter for opening up about mental health. When you touch your earrings, catch your reflection or receive a compliment from a friend you can be reminded of the place they came from and the message they bring.

SHOWUP is unique in that every accessories order receives a FREE Posi-Card inside, always. It’s how SHOWUP started, and kindness and positivity is at the core of what we do. That's also why 10% of all SHOWUP profits go to MIND charity - we are an official, contractual supporter.

Almost everyone can struggle in one way or another with their mental health, and everyone has their down days. I hope as long as I’m here we can spread love, support and courage to people through Posi-Cards, accessories and this platform.

All my love, Sophie x